Lebanese sandwich


Easy and quick to prepare with few ingredients, this Lebanese sandwich has it all. Chicken, vegetables and eggplant caviar come together here in a tasty recipe with oriental flavors, ideal for a take-out meal or an out-of-town lunch.
Practical information

Number of people1
Preparation time10 minutes
Degree of difficulty Easy


2 chicken machons
Red onion
batavia leaf
pita bread
eggplant caviar


Bone 2 already cooked spicy chicken sleeves (in a bag in the poultry section in supermarkets). Cut a small tomato into slices, seed them. Slice half a red onion into thin slices.
Wash and wring out a few batavia or romaine leaves. Lay out a pita bread on a board. Spread the eggplant caviar on top, arrange the salad leaves on top, then the tomato and onion strips.
Sprinkle with chicken meat and flavor with a few sprigs of cilantro. Close the pita in a cone, hold it together with spades.

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